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Welcome To Yogeshwar Engineering 

We are manufacturer of high speed Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, automatic feeding and product handling systems for food and non-food product. Our machines are used for wrapping all kinds of biscuits and cookies, Crackers, Cream Biscuit Sandwiches, Noodles, Toast, Bread, Buns, Pizza, Cakes, Peanut Candies, Chocolates, Soaps, Electrical Switches, Sockets, IV Bottle, Sachets, and Trays etc. We are offering various Packaging Machineries as per the Customer’s requirements. We have in house facilities for designing, assembling and manufacturing of custom make Packaging Machines that are robust, long-lasting and trouble-free. They are fast in operation, with optimum consumption of wrapper material and minimum wastage. Our product range is vast and covers almost the entire array of bakery products.

Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers

Packaging Machine for Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Cream Biscuit Sandwiches, Toast, Buns, Bread which can pack in single or multiple rows and single or double pile.

Noodle cake

Single or multiple Noodle cake Packing Machines.

Chocolates & Snack bars

Chocolate, Snack bars, Peanut Candies Packing Machines.

Switches, Sockets, Soaps etc...

Product like Switches, Sockets, Soaps, Pizza, Sachets, Cup Cake, Cake in tray, Slice Cake and also secondary packing of product like candy, Biscuits packets etc.

Machine to pack biscuits on edge in single or multiple rows for example 150gms to 500gms pack of biscuits, cookies, crackers etc. Machine can be equipped with facilities like automatic row collation systems, auto stack loading.