Family Pack Machine(HFW-50)

Machine to pack biscuits on edge in single or multiple rows for example 100gms to 500gms pack of biscuits, cookies, crackers etc. Machine can be equipped with facilities like automatic row collation systems, auto stack loading.

On Edge Chute Feeding Machine(HFW-120)

Machine with twin chute feeding and auto separation device for automatic flow wrapping. Machine suitable for all type of biscuits and cookies.

On Edge Cross Conveyor Machine(HFW-140)

Machine with cross flight bar conveyor and cross transfer system. Machine is suitable for products standing On edge for Cream Sandwich biscuits, Cookies, Cream Crackers and products which cannot be easily separated and fragile biscuits.

Mini Wrap Machine(HFW-250)

Different models and feeding systems available to cover customers need and from single pile to multiple piles of biscuits, Cream Sandwich biscuits, Crackers, Peanut Candies etc.

Secondary Pack Machine(HFW-35)

This machine is suitable for packing product in bulk. This machine can pack repack product in one bag. This machine can minimize the man power, wrapper cost or bag cost. This machine is suitable for food or non-food product.

Versatile Flow Wrap Machine(HFW-130)

Different models available to suite the customer’s requirement. This flow wrap machines can pack irregular shaped products kept in defined shape trays. This is suitable for Chocolates in tray, Biscuits in tray, Wafers in tray, Detergent bar, Soap, IV Bottle, Electrical Switch, Electrical Socket, Sachets etc.